Inviting the Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor attends hundreds of special events, ceremonies and celebrations across the Province. Accordingly, the planning of the Lieutenant Governor's schedule takes place several weeks in advance.

To invite the Lieutenant Governor to an event, write a letter of invitation in accordance with proper protocol.

The letter should include the following information:

  • Background on the event and/or organization
  • Date and time of the event (and whether these are flexible)
  • Information on the venue, or if you are requesting the event be held at Government House
  • Number of people expected to participate
  • The role of the Lieutenant Governor; for example: presentation of awards, brief remarks, etc.
  • Contact name and phone number

If you require further information on extending an invitation to the Lieutenant Governor, please contact the Office of the Lieutenant Governor (709-729-2669) or via email to

When the Lieutenant Governor accepts an invitation, an Aide de Camp will contact the organization extending the invitation. Protocol guidance and other pertinent materials, if any, are also provided by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Within one month of the date of the function, an Aide-de-Camp will contact the organizers to clarify any questions. The Aide-de-Camp will become familiar with the event plans and will provide assistance concerning protocol and timelines, such as: the time of arrival of the Lieutenant Governor; greeting at the door; reception; introduction of the Lieutenant Governor by the master of ceremonies; playing of the Royal Salute; seating arrangements; departure procedures; and so forth.

Note: Any changes to the event agenda after initial consultation with the Aide-de-Camp must be approved through the Aide-de-Camp prior to the event.

Addressing the Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor – always pronounced: lef´ten-ent gov´er-ner – is the highest ranking in Newfoundland and Labrador. Specific protocol exists to ensure appropriate respect for the Lieutenant Governor as the representative of the Crown.

When addressing the Lieutenant Governor in person, use: "Your Honour".

When referring to the Lieutenant Governor, always use: "Her/His Honour".

The spouse of the Lieutenant Governor is also addressed in the same manner. When the Lieutenant Governor and spouse are together, they are addressed as "Your Honours" and referred to as "Their Honours".

Addressing the Lieutenant Governor in a Letter

For correspondence, the following should be used:

Full title: The Honourable Judy May Foote, P.C., O.N.L.

Proper salutation: Your Honour,

Proper closing: Yours sincerely,

An envelope should be written in the following manner:

Her Honour The Honourable Judy May Foote, P.C., O.N.L.
Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador
Government House
P.O. Box 5517
St. John’s, NL
A1C 5W4

Listing the Lieutenant Governor in an Event Program

When listing the Lieutenant Governor, it is correct to use the following:

Her Honour, The Honourable Judy May Foote, P.C., O.N.L.
Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador